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With Anna Brown and Travis Woodland

Anna Brown

Anna Brown is a Chemist turned Entrepreneur, specializing in nano materials and is the founder and CEO of Stark Street Materials Corp. She earned her PhD from Portland State University, and did her postdoctoral research at the Oregon State University College of Pharmacy in nanopharmaceuticals. She is very interested in the commercial scale development of greener, cleaner, and smarter materials. SSMC is in the process of developing the next generation of X-ray shielding materials in the basement of the PSBA.

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Travis Woodland

Travis Woodland is the Director of Innovation & Intellectual Property at Portland State University, an urban campus in the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon. Travis holds a masters of chemical engineering degree and juris doctorate, a dual education which has proven invaluable to understanding both the technical and legal/business aspects of university technology transfer. At PSU, Travis works with authors and inventors, providing resources, advice, and connections to the Oregon entrepreneurial ecosystem with the goal of helping PSU innovations make a bigger impact on the world.

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